Fight Card Romance: Ladies Night Gets Make-over

Think Rocky meets the Untouchables… Yep, I can’t believe that’s it’s been five years since I launched my contribution to the Fight Card series of books written in the old pulp-fiction. Well, I’ve given Ladies Night a much-needed make over from the size of the book to the interior. Given the story a close look-seeContinue reading “Fight Card Romance: Ladies Night Gets Make-over”

Interview with sweet, tender romance author, C. A. Malone: The Next Big Thing

Author and Book Coach Beth Barany tagged me for this blog meme, with her permission, of course. It’s been said the greatest books ever written are still waiting to be written. Here’s hoping for The Next Big Thing. Some authors are willing to put their work in progress manuscripts out there for the world to takeContinue reading “Interview with sweet, tender romance author, C. A. Malone: The Next Big Thing”

Back from RWA National Convention

I didn’t know much about the RWA association except Nora Roberts was a member and had an award in the association named after her. What an honor. All I knew is that I wanted to experience something as wonderful in my lifetime. My friend and agent/editor type person suggested I join the RWA to getContinue reading “Back from RWA National Convention”


Carol Malone is a published author! Who’d a thought when I started this journey of writing for the sheer passion of it, I actually live to see something published. Well, there you have it. “…stranger things in heaven and earth, Horatio.” Now this Carol Malone is published. Man. I like the sound of that–not thatContinue reading “HEY! I’M PUBLISHED!!!”